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Shyne Wellness: A Path to Recovery and Wellbeing

In the heart of Melbourne, Shyne Wellness holds a steadfast commitment to supporting individuals embarking on the path to recovery from addictive behaviours and improving mental health. Our dedicated team is here to assist in each vital step towards rejuvenation and wellbeing.

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Addiction Treatment Program

Individualized Treatment Plans

At Shyne Wellness, every journey begins with a comprehensive assessment. Our experts design individualized treatment plans that focus intensely on personal needs and challenges, ensuring a bespoke and effective path to recovery from addictive behaviours.

Mental Health Focus

Understanding that addiction often coexists with mental health issues, our programs incorporate robust mental health support. From therapeutic interventions to psychiatric evaluations, we ensure the mind is nurtured towards total healing.

Flexible Day Programs

Day programs at Shyne Wellness are structured, supportive, and flexible, making the path to recovery accessible and manageable for all individuals, allowing them to heal at their own pace while maintaining their daily responsibilities.

Long-Term Support

Our long-term support ensures continuous growth and stability, fostering sustained recovery and ongoing mental and emotional wellness.

Comprehensive Care and Support

At Shyne Wellness, we offer an extensive range of addiction treatment programs, tailored to meet the unique needs of every individual. Our day programs and long-term solutions are crafted by experts, ensuring a solid foundation for recovery and ongoing mental and emotional wellbeing.

Our Addiction Specialist

Meet Poli

Our lead Addiction & Rehabilitation Specialist is Poli, a renowned Counsellor and Life Coach with a rich background in holistic and integrative healing. A member of numerous esteemed associations worldwide, Poli brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to provide empathetic, practical, and forward-thinking guidance to all clients.

Our State-of-the-Art Therapy

Cutting-Edge Therapeutic Techniques

Shyne Wellness is proud to utilize state-of-the-art therapeutic techniques, focusing on not just the symptoms, but the root cause of addiction. This innovative approach fosters long-lasting recovery, resilience, and a balanced life.

Why Choose Our Addiction Treatment?

Holistic Approach

At Shyne Wellness, we understand that addiction is a complex condition affecting various aspects of life. Our holistic approach addresses physical, emotional, and psychological aspects, ensuring well-rounded and comprehensive healing and recovery.

Experienced Specialists

Our team is comprised of skilled and experienced specialists, including Poli, who understand the intricacies of addiction and are committed to guiding individuals through their recovery journey.

Evidence-Based Therapies

Utilizing evidence-based therapies, Shyne Wellness guarantees a solid foundation for recovery. Our therapies are continuously updated and refined to ensure the highest standards of care and effectiveness.

Tailored, Expert-Led Recovery

Choosing Shyne Wellness means choosing a life of freedom from addiction, guided by experts who are deeply invested in your healing journey. Our tailored programs provide actionable insights and hands-on support, ensuring not just recovery, but a fulfilling life beyond addiction.

What to Expect with Our Addiction Treatment?

Comprehensive Intake Assessment

Expect a detailed intake assessment to understand your unique needs and challenges fully. This evaluation forms the basis for your personalized treatment plan, ensuring targeted and effective care.

Continuous Support and Guidance

During the treatment, continuous support and guidance from our expert team ensure a safe and reassuring journey to recovery, helping to navigate challenges and celebrate successes along the way.

A Journey to Wholeness

Embark on a thorough and compassionate journey to recovery with Shyne Wellness. Expect a supportive environment, multi-faceted therapeutic approaches, and a clear path towards reclaiming your health, happiness, and overall wellbeing.

Anxiety Treatment Options

  1. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT): A widely used method for treating anxiety, focusing on identifying and changing negative thought patterns.

  2. Medication: Prescribed drugs to reduce the symptoms.

  3. Mindfulness: Techniques to anchor the mind to the present moment.

  4. Counselling: Regular sessions with a therapist to work through the issues.

  5. Group Therapy: Sharing and learning with others facing similar challenges.

  6. Lifestyle Changes: Incorporating exercise, healthy eating, and adequate sleep.

  7. Alternative Therapies: Yoga, meditation, or acupuncture.

We employ cognitive behavior therapy, among other methods, for treating anxiety. Our holistic approach encompasses various modalities to ensure effective and long-lasting results.

How We Can Help You Overcome Your Addiction

Empowering Strategies

At Shyne Wellness, we empower individuals with strategies to overcome addiction, providing the tools and skills necessary for long-term recovery and a fulfilling life. Our experts work closely with individuals, ensuring each person feels supported, understood, and capable of achieving lasting recovery.

Post-Treatment Plan

Beyond the initial treatment phase, expect a comprehensive post-treatment plan designed to support sustained recovery, prevent relapse, and promote ongoing wellbeing and personal growth.

Empowering You for Long-Term Success

Our commitment at Shyne Wellness is to empower each individual to overcome addiction and regain control of their life. We equip you with the tools, skills, and support needed for sustainable recovery and long-term success.

The Importance of Self-Care in Recovery

At Shyne Wellness, we firmly believe in the significance of self-care as an integral part of the journey to recovery. Nurturing oneself physically, emotionally, and mentally is paramount for long-lasting healing and overall well-being. Our dedicated team collaborates with individuals to craft personalized self-care strategies that foster self-love, relaxation, and holistic wellness.

Support for Co-Occurring Disorders

At Shyne Wellness, we understand that addiction frequently accompanies other mental health disorders. That’s why our team is equipped with the expertise to offer comprehensive support and guidance for individuals with co-occurring disorders. We prioritize a holistic approach to treatment, ensuring that every aspect of a person’s well-being is addressed with care and compassion.

Family Involvement in Recovery

At Shyne Wellness, we recognize the profound impact of family in the journey of recovery. We provide family therapy sessions and actively encourage the involvement of loved ones in the treatment process, fostering a robust support system for sustained success.

Aftercare Support

At Shyne Wellness, we recognize that recovery is a lifelong voyage, and we are dedicated to providing ongoing aftercare support to ensure enduring healing. Our comprehensive aftercare program offers continuous guidance and valuable resources to help individuals sustain their sobriety and continue to flourish on their journey. Our commitment doesn’t end with treatment – we are here for our clients every step of the way, offering unwavering support.

Embracing a Life Beyond Addiction

At Shyne Wellness, we firmly believe that recovery encompasses more than simply abstaining from substances. It entails embracing a fulfilling life that extends beyond addiction. Our comprehensive programs are designed to assist individuals in rediscovering their passions, rebuilding relationships, and cultivating healthy coping mechanisms. Our ultimate goal is to empower our clients to live a life they truly love, unburdened by the constraints of addiction.

Community Support

At Shyne Wellness, we recognize the crucial role of community in the journey of recovery. That’s why we provide a range of support groups and facilitate connections to local resources, ensuring individuals remain connected and supported beyond the completion of their treatment.

Holistic Therapies

In our customized treatment approach, we provide an array of holistic therapies that promote overall well-being and facilitate healing. From yoga and meditation to art therapy and equine-assisted therapy, we believe in addressing the interconnectedness of the mind, body, and spirit to ensure comprehensive recovery.

Continual Growth and Personal Development

At Shyne Wellness, we strongly value the importance of growth and personal development in nurturing a healthy and fulfilling life. This is why we provide a wide range of workshops, classes, and resources that are designed to support our clients’ continuous growth and self-discovery journey. We are committed to empowering individuals to unlock their full potential and lead a purposeful life filled with vitality and well-being.

Concluding Thoughts

Your journey to recovery begins with the first step. Let Shyne Wellness be a partner in your path to healing, recovery, and a brighter, healthier future. If you or a loved one are facing challenges with addiction, we encourage you to reach out to us. Your journey towards healing, recovery, and wellness deserves the dedicated expertise and compassionate support that Shyne Wellness proudly provides.

If you’re unable to schedule an appointment and are feeling overwhelmed, please call us immediately at (0417 616 406). Your call will be answered by a caring professional, ready to assist in your time of need.

Embrace the journey to a healthier, fulfilling life with Shyne Wellness – where every individual shines in the light of recovery and wellbeing. Your healing begins now.

Getting the help you need doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

The reality is we all have feelings and emotions and we all need healthy outlets to explore, understand, express and grow from these feelings and emotions.

Poli can help you start this process.

  • Explore mixed feelings
  • Achieve clarity and acknowledgement
  • Learn effective communication strategies
  • Alleviate distress
  • Support more positive thinking
  • Inspire effective problem-solving
  • Improve relationships
  • Boost self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Explore the balance between personal goals and relationship priorities


Counsellor and Life Coach

Poli is a multi-talented and committed Counsellor and Life Coach who is sincerely passionate about supporting her clients through their issues. Poli is a member of the Australian Counselling Association and International Coaching Federation and has assisted clients worldwide. She specialises in working with adolescents, couples, adults and families. Poli provides practical support that a client can use immediately to help them move forward in life.

Poli is a very warm, understanding and patient Counsellor and Life Coach who truly enjoys seeing her clients achieve success in their life. She listens compassionately and guides the client using forward thinking techniques that help them create a better future for themselves. Her extensive educational training gives her the ability to listen and coach clients through their problems in a way in which they feel empowered and inspired.

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If you’re unable to schedule an appointment and are feeling overwhelmed and would like immediate counselling and support, please call (0417 616 406).

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