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SHYNE Wellness

SHYNE Wellness transforms and improves peoples lives through Counselling & Life Coaching for all ages. We inspire people to perform to their full potential and to live an extraordinary life. We are dedicated to changing the world to a more harmonious, compassionate and peaceful place. We inspire you to live the life you deserve. Our broad range of services cover every aspect of human behaviour beginning from old spiritual and philosophical teachings to modern day psychology, neuroscience and contemporary teachings. Be prepared to come on an amazing journey with us here at SHYNE Wellness!

Personal Development Leader (ICF Australasia Southern States Branch)
The Street Smarthandbook

The Streetsmart initiative aims to educate our youth on the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse, depression, health, bullying and social behaviour in the community.

This program is fully supported by the Victorian Police Citizen Youth Club who work closely with Police and the local community with a goal of bringing people together to create a safe, connected and inclusive community.

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