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Welcome to Shyne Wellness, your devoted hub for Relationship Coaching & Counselling in Melbourne. Dive into the realm of fulfillment, understanding, and shared growth. Let’s embark on this journey together and shine light on the paths of mutual understanding, physical connection, and profound love.

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What is Relationship Coaching?

Relationship Coaching is a life-changing journey that aids individuals, couples, and families in cultivating robust, healthy relationships. It involves various methodologies and strategies to address and resolve complex relationship issues, ensuring that all parties feel heard, understood, and valued.

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How can Relationship Coaching help you?

Relationship Coaching can guide you in exploring emotional barriers and breaking them down to build stronger bonds. It can assist you in:

Improved Communication

Frequent misunderstandings can strain relationships, leading to emotional distance. Relationship coaching can help you develop clear, effective communication skills, ensuring all parties feel heard and understood. By working through these issues, you can rebuild the bridges of communication, strengthening your relationships.

Deepened Emotional and Physical Connection

The physical connection in a relationship is as vital as emotional intimacy. Relationship coaching assists couples and individuals in understanding and expressing their physical and emotional needs, leading to a more fulfilling, connected partnership.

Conflict Resolution

Learn to approach conflicts with understanding, empathy, and cooperation. Relationship coaching empowers you to resolve disagreements constructively, fostering mutual respect and admiration.

Personal Growth

Embarking on a journey of self-discovery, relationship coaching allows you to explore your emotional depths, uncovering insights that can lead to personal growth, heightened self-awareness, and an enhanced capacity for love and empathy.

Enhanced Family Dynamics

For families facing challenges, relationship coaching can assist in strengthening family bonds, ensuring a harmonious, supportive environment for all members. Here, couples counselling and relationship counselling play a pivotal role in enhancing interpersonal relationships and ensuring cohesive family dynamics.

What are the benefits of Relationship Coaching?

Enhancing Emotional and Physical Connections

Reaping the rewards of a relationship rich in emotional and physical connection can significantly enhance your quality of life, providing stability, happiness, and overall satisfaction. Relationship Coaching empowers individuals to deepen these connections, fostering understanding and empathy within relationships.

Comprehensive Counselling Services

Shyne Wellness offers a comprehensive range of counselling services that are tailored to meet your unique needs. Whether you’re seeking couples counselling or navigating personal challenges, our skilled coaches are here to support your journey to wellness and equilibrium.

Long-Term Relationship Stability

Ensure the longevity and stability of your relationships through consistent coaching and counselling, providing you with the tools and insights necessary to navigate challenges effectively.

Enhanced Understanding and Communication

Develop a deeper understanding of yourself and your partner, facilitating effective communication and mutual understanding.

Personal Growth and Development

Through relationship coaching, individuals experience personal growth, enhancing their self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and interpersonal skills.

Building Strong Foundation

Relationship coaching is a valuable resource for couples seeking to establish a solid foundation in their relationship. By identifying core values, setting healthy boundaries, and honing effective communication skills, couples can create the groundwork for long-term love and fulfillment, allowing their partnership to flourish.

Enhancing Emotional Intelligence

Developing emotional intelligence is essential for nurturing healthy relationships. Through relationship coaching, individuals can enhance their understanding and management of emotions, cultivate empathy, and acquire effective conflict-resolution skills.

When should you seek Relationship Coaching?

Every relationship encounters difficulties and challenges. It is essential to seek Relationship Coaching when:

Breakdown in Communication

When conversations lead to conflicts, or you feel unheard and misunderstood, it’s time to seek relationship coaching. Repair the communication gaps and rediscover the joy of shared understanding and mutual dialogue.

Persistent or Escalating Conflicts

Constant arguments, escalating conflicts, and a lack of resolution signal the need for intervention. Relationship coaching provides the tools to navigate these challenges, ensuring all parties feel respected and heard.

Diminished Physical or Emotional Connection

A waning emotional or physical connection can leave relationships feeling unfulfilling and empty. Rekindle the bond and reignite the spark by exploring the dimensions of your emotional and physical intimacy with relationship coaching.

Navigating Major Life Changes

Significant transitions, such as marriage, childbirth, or career changes, can strain relationships. Expert coaching provides the support and strategies needed to navigate these changes harmoniously.

Considering Separation or Divorce

When relationships reach a point of potential dissolution, relationship coaching can offer a supportive space to explore options, understand the underlying issues, and work towards resolution or amicable separation.

Challenges with Blended Families

Blended families face unique challenges. Relationship coaching can assist in smoothing the transition, ensuring a cohesive, loving family environment.

Experiencing Grief, Loss, or Trauma

In times of grief, loss, or trauma, a relationship coach provides the support and understanding needed to work through these emotions, ensuring the relationship remains a source of comfort and stability.

How to find the right Relationship Coach for you?

For Couples

Couples can restore and revitalize their relationships through specialized couples counselling, addressing concerns like communication breakdowns, emotional detachment, or conflicts.

For Singles

Singles can benefit from relationship counselling by understanding their patterns, fostering self-love, and preparing themselves for future healthy relationships.

For Families

Families facing internal disputes, communication issues, or other challenges can regain harmony and understanding through tailored counselling services.

For All Stages of Life

Regardless of your life stage or relationship status, Shyne Wellness is dedicated to guiding you through, offering expert support, insight, and strategies for enhancement.

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Embrace the transformative journey with Shyne Wellness, Melbourne’s trusted source for relationship coaching and counselling. Book an appointment today to explore the myriad ways we can support your relationship growth and personal development.

For immediate assistance or inquiries, reach out to us at (0417 616 406). Let’s embark on this journey together and shine light on your relationship’s path to growth, understanding, and profound connection.

Your journey is essential to us, and we are dedicated to supporting you every step of the way. Welcome to Shyne Wellness, where your relationship’s wellness and growth flourish.

How We Can Help You Overcome Your Addiction

Empowering Strategies

At Shyne Wellness, we empower individuals with strategies to overcome addiction, providing the tools and skills necessary for long-term recovery and a fulfilling life. Our experts work closely with individuals, ensuring each person feels supported, understood, and capable of achieving lasting recovery.

Post-Treatment Plan

Beyond the initial treatment phase, expect a comprehensive post-treatment plan designed to support sustained recovery, prevent relapse, and promote ongoing wellbeing and personal growth.

Empowering You for Long-Term Success

Our commitment at Shyne Wellness is to empower each individual to overcome addiction and regain control of their life. We equip you with the tools, skills, and support needed for sustainable recovery and long-term success.

The Importance of Self-Care in Recovery

At Shyne Wellness, we firmly believe in the significance of self-care as an integral part of the journey to recovery. Nurturing oneself physically, emotionally, and mentally is paramount for long-lasting healing and overall well-being. Our dedicated team collaborates with individuals to craft personalized self-care strategies that foster self-love, relaxation, and holistic wellness.

Support for Co-Occurring Disorders

At Shyne Wellness, we understand that addiction frequently accompanies other mental health disorders. That’s why our team is equipped with the expertise to offer comprehensive support and guidance for individuals with co-occurring disorders. We prioritize a holistic approach to treatment, ensuring that every aspect of a person’s well-being is addressed with care and compassion.

Family Involvement in Recovery

At Shyne Wellness, we recognize the profound impact of family in the journey of recovery. We provide family therapy sessions and actively encourage the involvement of loved ones in the treatment process, fostering a robust support system for sustained success.

Aftercare Support

At Shyne Wellness, we recognize that recovery is a lifelong voyage, and we are dedicated to providing ongoing aftercare support to ensure enduring healing. Our comprehensive aftercare program offers continuous guidance and valuable resources to help individuals sustain their sobriety and continue to flourish on their journey. Our commitment doesn’t end with treatment – we are here for our clients every step of the way, offering unwavering support.

Getting the help you need doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

The reality is we all have feelings and emotions and we all need healthy outlets to explore, understand, express and grow from these feelings and emotions.

Poli can help you start this process.

  • Explore mixed feelings
  • Achieve clarity and acknowledgement
  • Learn effective communication strategies
  • Alleviate distress
  • Support more positive thinking
  • Inspire effective problem-solving
  • Improve relationships
  • Boost self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Explore the balance between personal goals and relationship priorities


Counsellor and Life Coach

Poli is a multi-talented and committed Counsellor and Life Coach who is sincerely passionate about supporting her clients through their issues. Poli is a member of the Australian Counselling Association and International Coaching Federation and has assisted clients worldwide. She specialises in working with adolescents, couples, adults and families. Poli provides practical support that a client can use immediately to help them move forward in life.

Poli is a very warm, understanding and patient Counsellor and Life Coach who truly enjoys seeing her clients achieve success in their life. She listens compassionately and guides the client using forward thinking techniques that help them create a better future for themselves. Her extensive educational training gives her the ability to listen and coach clients through their problems in a way in which they feel empowered and inspired.

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If you’re unable to schedule an appointment and are feeling overwhelmed and would like immediate counselling and support, please call (0417 616 406).

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