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What is Marriage Counselling?

Marriage counselling, offered at Shyne Wellness in Melbourne, is a professional service where individuals or couples work with a qualified counsellor to navigate challenges in their relationship. Here, you feel safe to voice your concerns and be heard, engaging in individual therapy or couples counselling to pave the path towards resolution and understanding.

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How Can Marriage Counselling Help?

Marriage counselling, a significant facet of counselling services, can play a pivotal role in mending and fortifying relationships. Here are some ways how it can aid you:

1. Improve Your Relationship
Marriage counselling helps couples identify and resolve conflicts to enhance their relationships. It provides a safe, neutral space for both parties to communicate openly and honestly, helping to unearth and address underlying issues.

2. Foster Effective Communication
Effective communication is crucial for a successful relationship. A couples counsellor will guide you in understanding each other better, promoting respectful and clear communication, and facilitating a deeper emotional connection.

3. Provide Individual Therapy
Aside from couples counselling, individual therapy is often integrated into the process. This approach allows each partner to work on personal issues that may be contributing to relationship difficulties.

4. Assist in Conflict Resolution
Learn how to address and resolve conflicts constructively. Marriage counselling can equip you with the tools and strategies needed to tackle issues head-on, preventing them from escalating further.

5. Encourage Emotional Intimacy
Rekindle emotional intimacy and rediscover the connection you once had. Counsellors assist in breaking down walls that have been built, allowing couples to express their emotions and vulnerabilities openly.

6. Offer Couples Therapy
Engage in couples therapy to delve into deeper issues. Structured counselling sessions offer opportunities to explore and understand the complex dimensions of your relationship in a supportive environment.

7. Facilitate Personal Growth and Self-Awareness
Gain insights into your own behavior, emotions, and role within the relationship, fostering personal growth and self-awareness.

8. Help Navigate Major Life Changes
Navigating major life transitions or changes can be smoother with the assistance of a counsellor. Get the support needed to ensure these changes do not negatively impact your relationship.

When you seek counselling, you take a decisive step towards healing and strengthening your relationship. Make this essential move before issues escalate beyond repair.

Seeking Help Sooner

Acting on the signs of distress and seeking counselling earlier rather than later amplifies the chances of resolving issues effectively. The trained couples counsellor at Shyne Wellness assists you and your partner in addressing problems and working towards a harmonious relationship.

Common Issues Addressed in Marriage Counselling

Navigating the complexities of marital issues is a challenging journey, and at Shyne Wellness in Melbourne, we understand the diverse problems couples may face. Below is a comprehensive list of common issues addressed in our marriage counselling services. Our experienced couples counsellor will guide you and your partner in working through these challenges to improve your relationship significantly.

Communication Problems
Effective communication is the cornerstone of any successful relationship. Many couples seek counselling to address this foundational aspect. Our counselling services help couples break down barriers to foster open and honest communication.

Financial Disagreements
Disputes over finances can strain a relationship to the breaking point. Shyne Wellness offers dedicated sessions to help couples find common ground, create budgets, and set financial goals together.

Intimacy Issues
Rekindling intimacy is a common concern brought to couples counselling. Our approach in couples therapy is tailored to help partners reconnect emotionally and physically to revive the passion in their relationships.

Overcoming the pain and betrayal of infidelity is a delicate process managed with utmost sensitivity at Shyne Wellness. Our counselling session offers a safe, confidential space for partners to express their feelings, work through their issues, and determine the best course forward.

Parenting Disagreements
Conflicts over parenting styles or decisions can create discord in marriages. Our relationship therapies are designed to aid couples in finding unified, effective parenting strategies, strengthening not only the parental bond but also the entire family dynamic.

Conflict Resolution
Understanding how to resolve conflict without hurting each other is crucial for a healthy relationship. Engage in our counselling services to learn essential conflict resolution skills, ensuring disagreements become opportunities for growth rather than sources of repeated distress.

Personal Growth and Changes
As individuals evolve, relationships must adapt. Our individual therapy sessions complement our couples therapy to ensure personal development enhances rather than undermines your relationship.

Connecting Emotionally and Intimately
Counselling sessions assist in rebuilding the emotional and intimate connections, ensuring both partners feel valued, heard, and loved, thereby fortifying the relationship against future turmoil.

What to Expect in Counselling

Many people don’t spend a lot of time with a counsellor so it is natural to be apprehensive about the process. Here’s some of what you can expect in a relationship counselling session with Shyne Wellness:

  • We’ll ask you about your current problems and issues that you are facing in your relationship. It’s a basic question that tells us a lot.
  • We’ll ask you about the history of your relationship so that we can see your initial attraction to each other and what your relationship was like in the past.
  • We’ll ask you about any individual historical issues that not only affected your life but may be leading to the issues impacting on your relationship.
  • We’ll look for your strengths as a couple – the things that work well and that you can use to build your relationship up again.
  • We’ll ask you about the type of relationship you desire, what you want and what you don’t want.

Most people seek a relationship counselling session because their relationship isn’t fulfilling, or they are unhappy and no longer satisfied with where their relationship is heading. The earlier you see intervention and support, the more chance you have of your relationship surviving.

Do you need help with your relationship? Book an appointment with Shyne Wellness and let’s discuss how we can help you.

Benefits of Marriage Counselling

Participating in marriage counselling at Shyne Wellness offers a myriad of benefits:

  • Improved communication skills
  • Restoration of intimacy and connection
  • Assistance in making joint decisions
  • Enhancement of self-esteem and mental health
  • Strengthening of bonds and understanding

These improvements are pivotal in building a healthy, happy, and resilient relationship, providing a robust foundation for facing future challenges together.

Getting the help you need doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

The reality is we all have feelings and emotions and we all need healthy outlets to explore, understand, express and grow from these feelings and emotions.

Poli can help you start this process.

  • Explore mixed feelings
  • Achieve clarity and acknowledgement
  • Learn effective communication strategies
  • Alleviate distress
  • Support more positive thinking
  • Inspire effective problem-solving
  • Improve relationships
  • Boost self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Explore the balance between personal goals and relationship priorities

Poli Zoungas

Counsellor and Life Coach

Poli is a multi-talented and committed Counsellor and Life Coach who is sincerely passionate about supporting her clients through their issues. Poli is a member of the Australian Counselling Association and International Coaching Federation and has assisted clients worldwide. She specialises in working with adolescents, couples, adults and families. Poli provides practical support that a client can use immediately to help them move forward in life.

Poli is a very warm, understanding and patient Counsellor and Life Coach who truly enjoys seeing her clients achieve success in their life. She listens compassionately and guides the client using forward thinking techniques that help them create a better future for themselves. Her extensive educational training gives her the ability to listen and coach clients through their problems in a way in which they feel empowered and inspired.

Why Choose Poli

Poli offers a wide range of expertise in areas such as couples, relationship, marriage and family counselling and life coaching. Her skill set also includes communication, goal setting, anxiety, depression, stress, mental health, mindfulness, life balance, motivation, confidence, advice, healing, trauma, well-being, mentoring, self-development, and mindset strategies. Poli is a certified Counsellor, Emotionally Focused Therapist, a certified Master Life Coach, a certified NLP Master Practitioner, Archetype Coach, a Reiki Master, and is proficient in mindfulness meditation, A.C.T therapy, Palmistry, and Face Reading. Poli is affiliated with and registered under the International Coach Federation and the Australian Counselling Association.

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