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Career Coaching in Melbourne

In the vibrant city of Melbourne, particularly in Malvern, career development is a significant pursuit for many individuals. At Shyne Wellness, we recognize the diversity of career options and the need for personalized guidance. Our dedicated career counsellors are here to facilitate your journey to success.

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How a Career Coach Can Help You

In the modern, fast-paced world, establishing and navigating a career path can be a significant challenge. Amidst the myriad of career options available, making informed decisions and projecting a confident professional image becomes imperative. Here’s where a career counsellor becomes invaluable. .

  • Career Development: A career coach from Shyne Wellness can provide comprehensive assistance for your career development. We work with you to explore your passions, skills, and opportunities, guiding you along your chosen career path. Our coaches in Melbourne come highly recommended by various professionals for their depth of knowledge and supportive approach.

  • Job Searching: Job searching can be an overwhelming experience. Our seasoned career coaches provide essential help with resume writing, composing an impactful cover letter, and preparing you for successful job interviews. Equip yourself with the fundamental tools and confidence to excel in the competitive job market.

  • Identifying Potential: Recognizing and harnessing your unique strengths and talents are crucial for your career growth. A career coach helps you identify potential areas for growth and advancement, ensuring you are on the path to achieving your career goals.

  • Career Confidence: Build your career confidence with a Shyne Wellness coach. Navigate the professional landscape with assurance and resilience, essential traits for sustained career success.

  • Career Transition: If contemplating a career change, our coaches support you through this significant shift, ensuring a smooth and informed transition to your new career path.

At Shyne Wellness, we provide robust support in all aspects of your career growth. From assisting in job searching, resume writing, and preparing you for job interviews to helping identify potential areas for growth, our coaches contribute to your career development.

We understand the diverse and wide-ranging aspects of the professional world, making us highly recommended coaches in Melbourne. Embark on a journey of self-discovery, career confidence, and tangible success with our career counselling sessions, tailored to your unique needs and goals

What to Expect from Career Coaching

Embarking on a journey with a career coach at Shyne Wellness in Malvern, Melbourne, ensures a comprehensive and enlightening experience. Here’s what you can expect from our career coaching services:

Personalized Career Path Planning

Your unique talents, skills, and passions are the forefront of our career coaching sessions. Our coaches help illuminate the best career path for you, ensuring your professional journey aligns with your personal goals and values.

Expert Guidance on Career Transition

Navigating a career transition can be challenging, but with the assistance of our career coaches, the process becomes seamless and clear. Receive specialized support and insights to make informed and confident decisions for your career change.

Resume Writing and Cover Letter Assistance

Boost your job searching efforts with our expert assistance in resume writing and crafting compelling cover letters. Your application will stand out, showcasing your qualifications and suitability for the desired role effectively.

Interview Preparation

Feel confident and prepared for job interviews with our comprehensive coaching. From answering questions effectively to showcasing your skills and experiences, ensure you make a lasting impression on potential employers.

Identifying Growth Opportunities

Identify potential areas for career advancement and growth. Our coaches help you recognize and seize opportunities to enhance your professional journey.

Gaining Career Confidence

Amplify your career confidence with the guidance and support of our expert coaches. Feel assured and motivated in your career choices and paths.

Exploration of Wide-Ranging Career Options

Explore wide-ranging career options with the help of our knowledgeable coaches. Whether you are a student, a professional, or seeking a career change, discover the myriad opportunities available to you.

Human Resource Navigation

Understanding human resource dynamics is crucial in professional growth. Learn how to effectively navigate and leverage HR for your career advancement.

Strategies for Career Development

Develop actionable strategies for sustained career development and growth. Our coaches equip you with the tools and insights necessary for long-term career success.

Network Expansion

Expand your professional network with our guidance, connecting with relevant individuals and organizations in your field. Enhance your opportunities and industry engagement.

Career Coaching Services in Melbourne

In the bustling environment of Melbourne, the demand for comprehensive career coaching services is continually rising. Whether you are a professional, student, job seeker, or looking for a career transition, Shyne Wellness in Malvern, Melbourne offers specialized services to cater to your needs.


For professionals aspiring for growth, our career coaching services offer an in-depth understanding of human resource dynamics and offer guidance to enhance your career. Prepare for upward mobility and leadership roles with our dedicated support.


Students stand at a critical juncture, facing important decisions about their future career paths. Our career coaches extend invaluable guidance for exploring appropriate career options, setting realistic career goals, and mapping the educational journey to reach them.

Job Seekers

For those in the throes of job searching, our career coaches provide unwavering support for creating compelling resumes and cover letters, honing your interview skills, and preparing you for the opportunities ahead. Achieve a competitive advantage and augment your opportunities with Shyne Wellness.

Career Changers

Navigating a career transition? Our coaches guide you through the comprehensive process, from exploring new opportunities to ensuring a successful switch. Make informed decisions and take strategic steps towards your new career path with our assistance.

Small Businesses

Small business owners or budding entrepreneurs can gain from our extensive expertise in business development. Benefit from strategic insights to overcome challenges, optimize human resources, and propel your business to success. Our coaching supports a wide-ranging array of business needs, ensuring you have the tools to thrive.

Our expertise spans across various facets of career growth and development, ensuring you receive holistic support for all your career-related endeavors. Gain valuable insights into human resource dynamics, enhance your resume writing skills, and prepare comprehensively for job interviews.

Navigate the complexities of career transition with our seasoned career coaches, ensuring your move is smooth, informed, and strategically aligned with your long-term career goals. Explore the balance of personal ambitions and professional commitments as you pave the path to a fulfilling and successful career with Shyne Wellness. Your journey to achieving an extraordinary career begins here.

Shyne Wellness: Your Partner in Professional Growth and Success

In conclusion, Shyne Wellness is committed to your professional growth and success. Our career coaches in Malvern, Melbourne are well-equipped to support you in all aspects of your career journey, from exploration and job searching to career transition and business development.

Engage with us, unlock your potential, and embark on the path to career excellence. We invite you to book an appointment today and take a significant step towards achieving your career goals. Your success journey begins now with Shyne Wellness.

To ensure your continued satisfaction and progress, we invite you to share your experiences and feedback with us. Engage in the comment section below or share this page with others embarking on their career journey. Let’s celebrate success together with Shyne Wellness, your trusted partner in career excellence.

Counselling FAQs

Is counselling short-term or long-term?

Counselling can be both short-term and long-term, depending on individual needs and the issues being addressed.

Is counselling only for individuals?

No, counselling services at Shyne Wellness are available for individuals, couples, and families, ensuring comprehensive mental health support for all.

Are your counsellors registered?

Yes, our counsellors are registered psychologists, affirming their credibility and expertise in the field.

Shyne Wellness: Exceptional and Personalized Counselling Services for Your Mental Health Journey in Melbourne

Taking the step to seek help is a testament to your strength and commitment to your well-being. At Shyne Wellness, we honor this by providing exceptional and personalized counselling services to support your mental health journey in Melbourne.

Ready to embrace the change and take the step towards healing and growth? Book an appointment today at Shyne Wellness. Your journey to a more fulfilled, balanced, and healthier life starts now. Your voice matters, and here, it is always heard.

Your mental health matters, and at Shyne Wellness, it’s our priority. Share your counselling experience with friends and family. Your insight could be the beacon of hope for someone in need.

Getting the help you need doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

The reality is we all have feelings and emotions and we all need healthy outlets to explore, understand, express and grow from these feelings and emotions.

Poli can help you start this process.

  • Explore mixed feelings
  • Achieve clarity and acknowledgement
  • Learn effective communication strategies
  • Alleviate distress
  • Support more positive thinking
  • Inspire effective problem-solving
  • Improve relationships
  • Boost self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Explore the balance between personal goals and relationship priorities

Poli Zoungas

Counsellor and Life Coach

Poli is a multi-talented and committed Counsellor and Life Coach who is sincerely passionate about supporting her clients through their issues. Poli is a member of the Australian Counselling Association and International Coaching Federation and has assisted clients worldwide. She specialises in working with adolescents, couples, adults and families. Poli provides practical support that a client can use immediately to help them move forward in life.

Poli is a very warm, understanding and patient Counsellor and Life Coach who truly enjoys seeing her clients achieve success in their life. She listens compassionately and guides the client using forward thinking techniques that help them create a better future for themselves. Her extensive educational training gives her the ability to listen and coach clients through their problems in a way in which they feel empowered and inspired.

Why Choose Poli

Areas of Expertise

Communication Skills/Goal Setting
Business Coaching
Mindfulness/Life Balance
Relationship Coaching/Counselling
Business Development
Self Development
Mindset Strategies
Children/Teens Support


Certified Counsellor
Certified NLP Master Practitioner
Certified NLP Trainer
Certified Master Life Coach
D.I.S.C Consultant
Archetype Coach
Personal Trainer
Time Line Therapist
Reiki Master
Certified Master Hypnotist
Emotional Intelligence for Managers
Advanced Diploma of Business Marketing
Mindfulness Meditation
Mentoring Coaching
Diploma Recreation & Sport Counselling
A.C.T Therapy
Face Reading


International Coach Federation
Australian Counselling Association
The American Board of NLP
The Australian Board of NLP
Australian Reiki Association
Time Line Therapy Association
Friends Of Dalai Lama Benefactor

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