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It’s now a known fact that the mind and body are interconnected and to take it a step further they are also considered to be one and not two separate entities. Why is it important to know this you may ask? Well, what ever your issues may be, whether physical or psychological, both have to be considered when you’re trying to solve any physical or emotional problems. Your body comprises of your past and internally contains many memories of trauma or issues that you may have lived through. These memories are significant to how you function today. It is not possible to fix your body through medicine or natural supplements alone without first finding and releasing any negative past memories that may have caused the trauma or stress in your body. Similarly, it is not possible to only work on your fitness in the gym without understanding the psychological reasons that are holding you from being the best version of yourself. You cannot seek to improve yourself emotionally or spiritually if you are ignoring your physical body with good food and nutrition.  

Most issues in contrast, whether physical or psychological, arise from our past and thus it’s very important to find the seed from where these issues first grew from. We are all a construct of our past, and without our past, we would not be the person we are today. Generally speaking most of our issues arise from early childhood when we are in our developmental stage of life.

Interestingly, science has told us that we are made up of approximately 30 to 40 trillion cells. Now that’s a lot of biological history that our body contains and holds onto, therefore it’s highly imperative that when seeking to eliminate problems from our life we need to look at both the mind and the body as one. So whatever problems you are currently facing in life, know that any physical problem you may have stems from not only external or internal factors but also from your past psychological time line.

For example, anxiety impacts our physical and mental health. Some of the physical side effects can include problems with digestion, infections, heart and lung issues and urinary infections just to name a few. The mental impact can include fear, phobia, stress, OCD, social anxiety and many more. When both the mind and body are considered in the healing process with any issue, like anxiety, then the problem can be resolved. 

It’s important to understand that when you are facing any problems, you must try and address where the problem originally began in your life and then begin the process of seeking to resolve the issue psychologically first. In my experience, working with clients I have found that when you find the source of where the trauma, issue or stress first appeared in your life then you can free yourself of the physical and emotional pain that is trapped inside your body, which is causing the physical or emotional imbalances. Once you release and understand what the problem is, your body can begin to heal and function in the way it was designed to. As humans we have the ability to communicate and it’s important to understand our inner thoughts and release our problems by speaking to an appropriate practitioner who can help you make a positive change. Life is not just about what we put into or on our body but rather what we also mentally and emotionally release from our mind that makes us heal, grow wiser, healthier and happier.

By Poli Zoungas


Life Coach, Counsellor, NLP Master Practioner/Trainer, Personal Trainer. 

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